Can’t Stand The Heat?

Stay cool with affordable air conditioning services in Pelham or Chelsea, AL

Don’t underestimate summers in Alabama. The need of constant cool air in your home can cause strain on your air conditioning unit. Make sure your cooling system is in good working order before a problem appears. HammAir can inspect your AC unit to prevent a breakdown.

Has your unit seen a few too many summers already? We also offer air conditioning installations and repairs to clients in Chelsea and Pelham, AL. Visit our Specials page now to see our current discounts on air conditioning services.

Do you need air conditioning repairs?

Do you need air conditioning repairs?

Is your home a bit too warm for comfort? If your air conditioner isn’t doing its job, HammAir can get it back in shape. Call us if your AC unit is:

  • Running continuously
  • Circulating warm air
  • Failing to maintain temperature

Delaying air conditioning repairs only makes things worse. Get you AC unit in tip-top shape by calling HammAir now.